NFTify and Polkafoundry Establish a Strategic Partnership to Incorporate NFT Marketplaces Into Polkadot

NFTify and Polkafoundry Establish a Strategic Partnership to Incorporate NFT Marketplaces Into Polkadot

The e-commerce platform for the digital world NFTify, has partnered with Polkafoundry, the one-stop production hub for Defi and NFT applications on Polkadot. This partnership marks an essential step in NFTify’s herculean goal of becoming the Shopify of NFTs.

Initially, Polkafoundry will support NFTify to ensure the seamless integration of its marketplace into the Polkadot ecosystem. Through Polkadot, NFTify will avoid the high transaction fees and scaling issues that plague other networks. Thus, providing the ideal infrastructure to facilitate growth for its store owners.

Polkafoundry will further assist NFTify with the evolution of the NFT stores launched on NFTify. This assistance will come from Polkafoundy’s astonishing library of Dapps that will harmoniously integrate into NFTify stores. Some of these Dapps include; Polka ID for identity verification services Docuguard,  a document storage service; and, and Decentralized Gate which provides an array of data oracles.

This ever-expanding lineup of quality Dapps will empower both NFTify and NFTify store owners with a frictionless user experience and cross-chain capabilities. Through these features, NFTify stores will be able to capitalize on the profound advantage that is diversification.

Overall, the Polkafoundry partnership will be looked back on as a celebrated milestone in NFTify’s journey. This partnership provides NFTify a plethora of utilities and features that serve to propel them into the forefront of NFT marketplaces and provides its users the means to make their stores flourish.


For more on NFTify and Polkafoundry, click the embedded links.


By Mitchell Keller

Graphics by Caelan Flemmings 

Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran

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