We develop early-stage Web3 companies with impressive ROI potential

GD10 Ventures is focused on enabling the most innovative blockchain start-ups through to mass adoption.  We accelerate growth through a combination of perceptive strategic advice, powerful growth marketing, and influential networking to smart capital.

  • $7 million+ capital funds invested 2019-21
  • 50+ tier 1 projects invested in
  • 25x portfolio return on investment 2019-21
  • Access to 300k Twitter subs
  • Access to 3 million Youtube and TikTok subs
  • Number 1 SEO ranking European blogging site (remarxs.com)

We have some of the most valuable strategic partners in the industry and together add winning strategies to projects we invest in.

We advise on strategy and leverage powerful connections

Our lead investors are extensively educated serial entrepreneurs with degrees ranging from marketing, business, leadership, communication and education. Our team run international educational courses and conferences across 8 European countries and India (oslersroom.com) with a highly optimising academic collaboration platform and blogging software (remarxs.com). Therefore a vast immediate network for influence.

  • National and international awards in academia
  • 12 degrees and postgraduate diplomas across 3 lead investors
  • Strategic advisors to other tier 1 VCs and funds
  • Impressive network of high value individuals for influence

We add personal value to the entrepreneurial teams we join through a combination of creative visions, influential networking and experience in crypto since 2016.


Deeban is extensively connected in this space, a great connecter, strategist and a fantastic value add to the start-ups he invests in. We have worked closely on many top tier projects since 2020 – Kyle Chasse, Masters Venture